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About The Trip

Guest Blogger: Jillian Sperber

give August 4, 2014

Hi I’m Jillian Sperber! I’m 17 and from the ghetto West Orange, NJ.  I am about to recap today, just one day of the BEST. SUMMER. EVER.  It was a really chill day, but full of growth and experience.  We started off our morning waking up bright and early at the five star Mevaseret.  Right after davening and breakfast, we went straight onto the buses and headed to Retorno, a rehab center for teens and adults in Israel.  We were spoken to by two staff members and one patient about the program, and we were educated on various topics.  Following, we had a delicious lunch filled of falafal, and we loaded back onto the buses.  We made a stop at an army base and handed out snacks we prepared last night.  We always love visiting he chayalim, so it was a great experience for all of us.  Then, we went to Kever Rachel and davened mincha.  We headed back home to prepare for Tish Ba’av and I’m hoping for everyone to have a meaningful fast.