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About The Trip

Guest Blogger: Jolie Davies

give August 14, 2014

Hey everyone!! My name is Jolie Davies, I’m 16 from Boca Raton, Florida. I’m pretty camp sick right now, so let’s reminisce on one of my favorite moments that actually became a chessed. Towards the end of camp, on one of our last nights in Jerusalem, we decided to do the beloved flashmob. Everyone had been so eager to finally do it and especially now that we would be doing it in one of the outdoor malls in the holy city! We got to the spot where we were gonna break out, there were giant speakers and everyone was casually scattered in the square. Then the music came on blaring through the speakers and 2 colors started the dance with all of their energy. Ya, we were a little off beat. But, then everyone came in by color and I like to think we became synchronized. There was a crowd forming around us, everyone had their phones out. We definitely made it to at least 87 people’s snapchat stories. All different kinds of people were watching it, but the climax was yet to come. People started joining in on our simcha dancing! My friends and I were dancing with three moms to Hashem Yimloch! They told us we made their week. People had kids on their shoulders and were dancing in the middle of the circle. There was a group of what looked like too cool twenty-something year olds but when ‘Happy’ came on they were hyped. They asked me to teach them the dance while their boyfriend was recording it. Am Yisroel came together in the most fun and random way possible. This is one of my favorite memories of GIVE 2014 because we did this flashmob as a funny thing for ourselves, but it became a chessed for everyone there. People came up to us that it’s been a very hard week for them because of all the deaths in the war and this brought light into their lives. One of the most powerful things about our people, is our unity. I’m so happy that I got to witness the Jewish nation come together in a very much needed time.