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About The Trip

Guest blogger: Margot Reinstein (Color War Judge and Bus Head)

give July 24, 2014

Today was the day,
Campers wait for all year.
The day we come together,
To compete and to cheer.

Intense apache races,
Crazy Costumes right and left,
Scavenger Hunt around Tzefat,
And Tzedakkah for the IDF!

Beautiful singing, creative stomps,
Unbelievable art and dance.
Such amazing presentations,
You’d think they planned weeks in advance!

They made the judges cry,
All the hidden talents coming out,
Their passionate Divrei Torah,
That’s what this summers all about.

The happiness was palpable
Everyones enthusiasm was clear
I know they’ll take this leadership
And bring it into next year!

We’re excited for Shabbat,
Heading over to Lavi.
To take our growth and connection,
To the next degree!