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About The Trip

Guest Blogger: Matana Zwiren

give July 17, 2014

This summer has already been incredible. Not only is it my first time in Israel since I was one and a half, but it is just a blessing to be able to come to Israel to do Chessed. The first part of the day was so incredible. We went to a museum that honored Gush Katif. The museum was all about the  planting that took place on the kibbutz that got bombed almost daily. The people of Gush Katif were FORCED out of their homes by the Israeli Government at that time. It’s crazy to think of how many miracles that have happened there. I was so inspired by their strength, that they kept going each day, even if one had a piece of a bullet in their leg or terrible nightmares. They kept going because their faith in Hashem made them believe they would be okay.

Afterwards,  had the opportunity to plant trees in Israel. I remember at the time of my Bat Mitzvah, many people planted tree’s in Israel in honor of my Bat Mitzvah. I was so confused, “What so special about planting tree’s in Israel,” I would always think to myself. Now, I see what so special about it. I’m like the tree, I was put into this world and I have lots of branches that spread in different directions, and in order to make the right choices I have to go the wrong way sometimes. I’ll always find my way or the right branch. Also the tree’s we planted in Israel hopefully one day when I  come back and look at how my tree has grown I will see me strengths and weakness. I’ll be so thankful I was able to plant such a strong tree that I like to think represents me. You can tell it’s my first time in Israel because Im inspired by each and every little thing. We went to a beach and  the view was so gorgeous. How can something be so beautiful? Because Hashem made it so magnificent.

After the beach we went to daven at Rabbi Meir’s Kever. Most people that go to Israel aren’t able to have such an amazing opportunity like the ones I’ve had so far. This has already been a summer of a lifetime and I cant wait for more to come.