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Guest Blogger: Shana Adler: Chessed Elective

give August 7, 2014


HI! My name is Shana Adler and I am 16 years old from Teaneck, NJ.  Today, we had elective day, and I chose to do an extra day of chessed! It was an absolutely awesome day! We started the day off at Ohr Meir U’Vracha, an amazing organization that helps victims of terrorist attacks throughout Israel.  The concept and impact that this organization has is beyond words. Not only do they distribute food to these victims of terror, but they deliver toys and organize programs for the children that have been affected by these attacks.  We spent time at this organization packaging food that will be distributed to the victims in need.  After that, we went to a home that helps people with Alzheimer’s disease, called Melabev. This organization not only provides care and numerous therapies for people struggling from Alzheimer’s disease, but it does the best that it can to help their families as well.  The GIVE girls spent time at Melabev dancing and singing with the patients, and brining so many smiles to their faces. These people were so happy to see us, and it was an amazing to see the genuine happiness on their faces. Afterwards, we headed to Zichron Menachem, an inspiring organization that helps kids with cancer, in addition to their families.  This organization spends an immense amount of effort trying to take the children’s’ minds off their illnesses and lift their spirits. The Zichron Menachem center has classrooms, playgrounds, music studios, and so much more, in order to bring happiness to the lives of kids with cancer, along with the other children in their families. The GIVE girls created a carnival for these kids today.  We did everything from face painting, to sand art, and basketball games. It was an amazing sight to see huge smiles appear on the faces of these children, as we hung out with them.  Finally, we headed to the Malcha mall for dinner and shopping. I headed to the amazing Pizza Hut with some of my friends, and then spent a little time roaming the mall. As usual, it was an absolutely, positively, amazing day on NCSY GIVE!!!