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Guest Blogger: Tamar Weiss: Learning Elective

give August 7, 2014


My name is Tamar Weiss and I’m 16 years old and l live in Beit Shemesh, Israel. Today was elective day, and I chose to do a whole day of learning with teachers from four different seminaries. The learning was so interesting and really inspired me. To start off the day, Rabbi Yamin Goldsmith from Shalavim for women gave us a shiur on He talked about how we, as jews need to always remember the past, lecher lachorban, while striving to a better `lecher lamikdash. Next, we had Rabbi Eli Mayer from Tiferet and he talked about chessed. Then Mrs. Abraham from Machon Maayan spoke about the parsha. Lastly, Rabbi David Katz from MMY came and spoke to us about smiittah because next year is smitthah year. I personally connected to two of the shiurim more then the others. One, Rabbi Goldsmith’s lasting message about incorporating our past and future into our present lives. The second one I connected to was Rabbi Katz because he spoke about smittah, and for me living in Israel this really affects my day to day life. All in all it was an absolutely amazing day of learning and I’m really glad I chose to do this elective. After elective day we met up with the whole camp at Malcha mall in Yerushalyim, We had free time there to walk around and create more memories. Then obviously I got a rebar, because….how could how I go to the mall without getting a rebar. Today was another amazing and unforgettable day on NCSY GIVE.