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About The Trip

Naot, Pizza, and Planting

give July 25, 2014

Our third friday on GIVE consisted of a day full of Naot, Pizza, and planting. The buses split up and while one bus went to go help plant trees on an organic farm up north the second bus went to the Naot factory. Girls were allowed to walk around and purchase Israeli Naot if they so desired. They hung out with each other and then the buses swapped activities. When the other bus got to the organic farm they learned all about farming the land of Israel and the special connection Jewish people have to it. Girls were taught how to dig holes and properly place olive trees into the ground. Afterwards, we made our way to a park where pizza was being made for us on the grill. The girls enjoyed their delicious lunch and then we set off to Kibbutz Lavi, where we will be staying for the weekend. NCSY GIVE is looking forward to another exciting shabbos together!