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About The Trip

NCSY GIVE girls ‘clowning’ around!

give July 13, 2014

Today on NCSY GIVE was full of laughs, balloons, acting and professional medical clowns. Our friend Jeff, a professional medical clown, traveled up north to teach the girls of GIVE how to be professional medical clowns. The girls learnt everything from how to walk, laugh, and create funny scenarios. We broke for lunch and afterwards Jeff taught the girls how to make balloon animals. This is especially important when we go to children centers because every girl will have the skill to make balloon animals for the children! Then GIVE left to go up to the Golan Heights and we ended our day off with an awesome night activity. On the moshav we played glow in the dark Pacman and the girls definitely dominated the advisors. After a day full of fun we are getting a full nights sleep for our jam packed day tomorrow.