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About The Trip

Our first Shabbos with the GIVE family!

give July 12, 2014


NCSY GIVE’s first Shabbos up in the Golan was a memorable one! Starting with a beautiful candle lighting ceremony guided by your Bus Head, Margot,  girls had a chance to speak about people they admired. We then had a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat with singing and dancing, which was a prelude to our meal full of songs and hype! The annual tisch ended our night off with a bang! The next morning the girls davened, learned with our advisors, and heard a speech from Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller who happened to be staying in the same hotel as us. From there we had lunch and the girls had a few hours to rest. Some slept, played games, talked, or even took the opportunity to learn with advisors and our GIVE Rabbi, Rabbi Felberman. After Menucha the GIVE girls had another opportunity to learn with anyone they desired from our “GIVE Beit Midrash.” The “GIVE Beit Midrash” is a GIVE tradition and an extremely incredible opportunity for the girls to learn from many books that are avaiable. We ended off our night by singing, and a beautiful musical Havdallah lead by Rabbi Felberman. On Saturday night we had a very entertaining night activity, which was called “So You Think You Can Dance.” Teams were split up and given genres of dances, and every group had to perform a dance created within 30 minutes. The night ended off with dancing, singing, and pizza. The weekend as a whole was truly meaningful and the girls are looking forward for the week to come!