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About The Trip

Our Last Day on NCSY GIVE

give August 12, 2014

By now most of you are home, and if not I hope you are having a fun time in Israel (or you have a safe flight on your connecting flight!) The last day together was a whirlwind of emotions, but nonetheless a beautiful day. After shopping on Ben Yehuda and Ma’asharim area, we made our way to our last program. This program was called pass the candle. Each girl gets the opportunity to tell her favorite moment, or just say a thank you when you are passed the light candle. It was a very moving ceremony that brought many girls to tears. Afterwards, we had a wonderful banquet put together by our staff, which ended off the summer with a big bang! We had yummy food, great speeches, a siyum, some songs, and a banquet video by the end (which you can see posted on the blog as well.) We handed out booklets of information, camp jokes, and each girl received a book from our traveling Beit Midrash that we had with us all summer. With teary eyes the girls said good bye to one another, but knowing they will always have their 73 sisters there for them. The staff of NCSY GIVE 2014 wants to express to all of you that we had a wonderful summer with each and every girl. Through thick and thin you girls held on tight and made the best of your experience. We know we will be hearing from you soon, so this is not goodbye just “See you later.”