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About The Trip

Preparing Schools, Bike Riding, and Neil Lazarus

give July 21, 2014

Today’s day started off with a really exciting chessed project. A school near Tzfat for under privileged children needed help preparing their building for the upcoming school year. There were various jobs that needed to be done, such as remaking billboards, organizing the library, helping out in the principals office, making packages for the children, and even baking cookies for the first day of school! The GIVE girl’s help was much appreciated by everyone from the school. With each job they were able to accomplish so much because of the amount of work each ad evert girl put in. After a delicous lunch we headed on the bus to go bike riding. Right near the Kineret each girl took her bike and ventured off with the beautiful veiws of the north around them. We davened mincha, and then headed on the bus back to our hotel. After dinner, NCSY GIVE was privledged to hear from Neil Lazarus. His presentation on Israel was educating, motivaing, and challenging. He spoke about current affairs with the girls and even gave them some time to ask questions that were on their mind. After a jam packed day, NCSY GIVE had a very relaxing night activity, movie night! The girls were encouraged to come dressed comfy as we watched the popular film Frozen. The girls positive attitude and excitement for adventure always makes our days on GIVE awesome! Looking forward to another great day.