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About The Trip

Shiva Asar B’Tamuz

give July 15, 2014


Today was a very meaningful day for the girls and all of the staff on GIVE. We started our day off with late wake up, followed with davening. Afterwards, Miriam Borenstein, our Assistant Director, created a program for the girls to create their own cheesed projects to bring back to their home town. They split up into groups and discussed what is a major problem among teens that they could help change. Each group was create and innovative, and we were all impressed with their original ideas. The program will hopefully have a Facebook page so that the girls can keep up with each other, and see how productive they were at implementing  their own ideas. Then the girls had a few hours off to rest, up until close to the end of the fast. The girls had a very special opportunity to here from Elaine Choter, an inspirational speaker, that lost her son in the Intifada. She gave us words of encouragement and  chizuk for Am Yisrael at this time. To end off our evening our Israeli madrichot showed a video and spoke about their experience as teenagers living in Israel. The GIVE girls were encouraged in the discussion and were inspired to hear our madrichot’s perspective of life in israel. We had a kumzitz, break fast, and then night activity to end off our very special day.