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About The Trip

Shomer Hachadash and Leket

July 29, 2014

Today we had the privilege to spend our day outside working the land of Israel. We started our day off working with an organization called Shomer Hachadash. Shomer Hachadash was created for the lone farmers who have trouble keeping their animals safe from robbers etc. Volunteers from throughout the country come and stay over night to keep out unwanted people. Additionally, they plant olive trees to keep the land productive, which is important for the Jewish people. The GIVE girls helped keep up the olive trees on the land. Each girl had a chance to cut down bushes and branches around the trees so each tree can get enough water. This was a huge help to the farmers in beautifying and keeping their land safe. Next we made our way with an organization named Leket to a pepper field. The girls had a chance to pick peppers for the poor and was able to fill up five tubs of hundreds of peppers. After our exhausting but exhilarating day on GIVE, we made our way back for some chill time and packing for Jerusalem. Dinner was served, and then we had an educational night activity about Jerusalem and heard a very special speaker to get the girls pumped for our exciting day tomorrow. We had a wonderful day on NCSY GIVE, and always looking forward to another adventure.