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About The Trip

Staff Spotlight: Zisse Hanfling, Head of Social Media

give June 18, 2014

Hey Incoming Givers!


My name is Zisse Hanfling and this is my third summer on GIVE! I went as a camper in 2010, and staffed GIVE last year in 2013. I went to Ma’ayont for high school, MMY for seminary, and now attending Queens College. I work in Central East NCSY, BIG EAST REPRESENT, during the year but, I’m so excited to meet all of you from all over the country. I will be working all the social media this summer, so when I say “Cheese” don’t forget to smile for the blog, so that your parents can see you having the Best.Summer.Ever. One of my favorite activities on GIVE is the sunrise hike on Masada, can’t wait to race you up to the top! See you at the airport!

Hanfling, Zisse