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About The Trip

Various Chesseds, Yad Vashem, and a ‘Rockin’ Night Activity

give August 7, 2014

Today the GIVE girls had three simultaneous chesseds going on at once in the morning. The first small group went to an organization called Zichron Menachem. There they had the opportunity to create and celebrate a bat mitzvah for a girl with cancer. The girl’s bat mitzvah was canceled, so the GIVE girls had the privilege of making and being a part of her simcha. At the same time, another group of girls went to food package  in Yad Ezra for the poor. Lastly, at the same time another group went to Susanart, an art studio where they teach kids on the street a trade in art. The girls toured, learned, and had the opportunity to shop around as well. Afterwards, we all came back together for a delicious lunch in Gan Sacher. Together, we all made our way to Yad Vashem, which is a memorial commemorating the Holocaust. After the tour of Yad Vashem, we made our back to Mevaseret and had a program called “Ask the Rabbi.” Rabbi Katz from MMY came to have a question and answer session, where the girls were able to ask the anything on their minds. Lastly, the end of the day we had a chagiga hosted by Shlock Rock! The girls had a full and accomplished day with a ‘Rockin’ ending!