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About The Trip

Carnival For The Children of Sderot

give August 7, 2015

Written by GIVEr: Marnie Weingarten

Today on NCSY GIVE was EPIC!!!!! We began our spectacular day by setting up for the Sderot carnival which we had later during the day. After much preparation and anticipation the children from Sderot arrived. We were all so excited to make these kids who spend much of their time in bomb shelters (due to rockets from gaza) have the best day ever!!! The kids ran around from stand to stand, played the games, took part in several water fights ,  and chose prizes. The smiles were definitely priceless !!!!! Eventually the carnival had to come to an end and we said our goodbyes to the kids. The fun though, did not come to an end and after we cleaned up the carnival we all took part in an amazing challah baking experience where we learned  about the mitzvah of hafreshet challah and then were able to actually partake in the mitzvah. Once we finished making our challah we travelled to the old city for mincha, did some awesome shopping at Mamila, and had a yummy dinner. Another Chessed , fun filled , amazing day on NCSY GIVE has come to an end , But we can’t wait for the next one on the BEST SUMMER EVER!!!