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About The Trip

Day 12: Green House & See, Run, Paint!

give July 19, 2015

Today was a great start to an awesome week! Early this morning we woke up and started with chaburot. We then all left Arad and went to a green house in the desert! You don’t see that everyday, do you?! It was one of the coolest and most interesting experience! We arrived and began with a tour of the green house. The green house consisted of tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, melon, cucumber, etc. We got to pick off termites and strawberries and eat them! They were delicious! It was so special to have the opportunity to eat holy fruits and vegetables from Israel! Afterwards we met with the man who started  the green house. He explained to us that he wanted the South to bloom because thats what Ben Gurion wanted. He started it all on his own, with only his family. This was really inspiring for us to all hear because it showed passion and motivation. He even gave us the ability to try little samples of tea that were grown in the green house, as well as passion fruit slushies! It was so good! YUMMM! Next, we had the chessed aspect to the day — We picked off all the rotten and bad tomatoes and put them in a bag to go to the garbage. It was super special to help out in the desert farm and was, for sure, different from any other day we’ve had on GIVE!

After a long day out in the sun we finally made our way bak to Mevaseret! We had a delicious dinner and then started our night activity! We played See, Run, Paint! It was a great team building game and we all really enjoyed it. But, like all games that include paint, it resulted in one MASSIVE paint fight! Woohoo!

What a great day on GIVE 2015! Tomorrow here we come!