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About The Trip

Day 13: Yad Lakashish, Aleh, Hatzalah, & Geriatric Home

give July 20, 2015

NCSY GIVE had an incredible day today! It was fun and chessed packed!

Bus 1: We started off the day with the amazing chaburot that the advisors prepared for the summer! Yad Lakashish was our first stop! Yad Lakashish is a place that allows the elderly to come and use their artistic abilities and work! They supply them with hot meals, a job, and a bus card. It was so impressive to see what they can all make. From challot covers to pillows, these men and women knitted and painted with their amazing talents! After watching them work and seeing their beautiful creations, we went to the gift shop. At the gift shop everyone was able to buy the artwork, from the elderly working at Yad Lakashish. We then walked to Ben Yehudah and all had the time to get ice cream! Yum! Later, we went to the OU center and heard about the Arab-Israeli conflict. It was very interesting and the girls enjoyed the discussion. Aleh was our next chessed. Aleh is a facility that takes care 0f special needs children and adults. Aleh is different from any other special needs organization because the children and adults there are extremely low functioning. They can barely respond to you when trying to talk or sing to them. Although this chessed was a bit more difficult, it did not stop the GIVE girls! All the girls went in dressed up and excited! We danced, sang, and held their hands. Even though it was hard to see their reactions, we knew how much they loved it. Here and there a child or adult would show a little smirk and giggle even though it is difficult for them. It is moments like those when you know you are impacting someone’s life. Seeing that smile is pure happiness. There is nothing else like it!

Bus 2: The day started off in the geriatric home. As always, the girls entered with simcha and joy! They sang and danced around with the elderly! Many of the girls not only sang to them, but also had conversations with them! Many of these elderly people don’t get visitors often, by GIVE coming to have fun with them, it meant the world to them. After the geriatric home, we went to Hatzalah! There they taught us about the procedures of Haztalah, how to do CPR, and the importance of it. At the end of our day we then traveled to Ma’aleh. Ma’aleh is a school for film making. We watched two films that were so impressive and powerful! One was about the Kotel. It showed the different perspectives of the Kotel and the different people that go there to visit.

Both buses ended off the day with a presentation about an organization called Emunah. Emunah is a place that accompanies and supports children from abused or underprivilegded homes. They make a new home for them and care for them. The man who started the organization spoke to us. It is incredible to hear from a person who dedicated their life to this. We had an awesome day and GIVE and cannot wait for tomorrow!!!! Who’s excited?!?!!?