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About The Trip

Day 14: Medical Clowning

give July 21, 2015

 Written by GIVEr: Shaindle Goodwin

Personally, today was one of the best days on GIVE! Today’s agenda was to go to a hospital and act like clowns. The irony of the whole ordeal is that I’m afraid of clowns! Imagine one who is afraid of clowns becoming one! So, we began our day with medical clowning, which all of us can agree was hilarious! I never realized the silliness and thought behind being a clown! They try so much to bring laughter to an individual, whatever the cost! After learning an appreciation for clowning, it was finally our turn to experience being one. As our red noses and tutus left the bus, we went to a children’s ward in the hospital. There, there was a boy, he didn’t speak English, but that didn’t matter. With a fellow GIVEr, I made funny noises and skits that left this boy laughing! It was the most incredible feeling in the world!- To be able to cheer someone up with laughter when they are going through a hard time. And at that moment I knew that this was why I came on GIVE! It was uncomfortable at the beginning, but by the end I loved being a clown, just like the boy loved me as one! After the hospital we went to a play that the deaf and blind created about their dreams in life. It was amazing to watch, and the biggest amazement was that it took two years to practice! As a fellow actress, I’m inspired by their persistence to keep on practicing every day and living their lives! I thank Hashem that I am able to have this incredible and humbling experience!