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About The Trip

Day 17: Ir Dovid, Machane Yehudah, Shabbat In Mevaseret

give July 26, 2015

Weekend number three on GIVE was awesome!! On friday, we went to Ir Dovid. We got a tour of Ir Dovid and then got to explore the water tunnels!! It was such an adventure! As we walked through the tunnel we all sang songs in the dark and enjoyed the cold water on our feet! We then enjoyed a nice pizza lunch! Whats GIVE without pizza! For the last activity before shabbos, we went to Machane Yehudah (The Shuk). It was what all the girls have been waiting for! Everyone got time to walk around, buy candy and food, and even drink some refreshing Re:bar!

Finally, the holy shabbos began! Shabbos this week was very special because we were in Mevaseret! It felt as if we had a shabbos at home! Shabbos was so nice and relaxing. Now that we have been on GIVE for already almost 3 weeks we are super comfortable and close with one another! We sang, ate, played fun activities, learnt, and just chilled! That’s the best kind of shabbos there is!

Looking Forward to another meaningful and fun week!!