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About The Trip

Day 21: Hiking Elective

give July 29, 2015

Written by GIVEr: Gabs Laskow Yesterday was an awesome beginning to our electives week!! We started our day off at mevaseret packing our lunches and saying bye to our amazing friends. After an awesome and exaughsting night of yom ncsy we now slept on the 3 hour bus ride to our first hike. When we arrived, our hiking tour guide pulled out her little “friend” which was a terrifying orange snake, and a few people held it. We soon started our hike which was very nice. It wasn’t too long and there was nice shade. We helped each other get through the rough patches which I thought was beautiful. We stopped for water and our guide played a little game with us where she pulled out unclear pictures and we had to guess the image. We continued on our wandeful hike till we reached a steep and rocky hill. All of us did an amazing job and got through it pretty quickly as we reached a water pool. Personally I relaxed and sat on a rock with a friend -the one and only amazing Esti Zulberg. Almost everyone else went into the water and had a very exciting and fun time. We finished up and hiked back to the bus. When we arrived at the camping grounds we found a huge tent waiting for us with mattresses! It was much nicer than we expected, it was awesome!! Our night activity took place shortly afterward it was…. KAROKE!! There were strobe lights and we immediately started dancing. The dj told us to download the “application” to listen to the music we wanted. We all sang and screamed together for a while which was super fun! We showered and got in pajamas while listening to Rachel sing and play the guitar, she’s so good!!! We played a game called the code game which was super funny. After all this crazy excitement, I fell asleep?. This day was so much fun and it was a great bonding experience between everyone!