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About The Trip

Day 27: StandWithUs, Scavenger Hunt, Body Image, & Birthday Party

give August 2, 2015

Today on GIVE, we reunited as a family after school having a nice free weekend. We heard from the organization StandWithUs, and learned about the history of the state of Israel, and how to spread the awareness of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. We shared ideas about how we could each become involved spreading the truth about Israel and all that we’ve gone through to declare Israel a Jewish state. Following a yummy lunch in the OU center, we boarded the buses for a fun SCAVENGER HUNT!!! The busses arrived to the malcha mall, and each team was given a list of funny tasks to perform on camera, using props (or people) around the mall!! After running around the mall, and making the funniest videos, we arrived back at mevaseret for mincha and a delicious dinner! Following dinner, we had an excellent program about body image. First, we had a fashion show, and each team was assigned a certain individual to dress up as. Within minutes, each team used props and materials to create costumes to resemble the individual we were assigned! We then spoke about the importance of ones body image amongst society. 

After, we had the privilege of throwing a birthday party for two girls who are unfortunately suffering from cancer. We decorated the room with signs, balloons, and even had a yummy cake to celebrate their birthdays the right way! Today was so much fun, can’t wait for tomorrow!!