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About The Trip

Day 29: Camel Riding, Masada, Dead Sea & Mayaan

give August 4, 2015

Today was one of the most action packed days we’ve had on GIVE! The day began with us eating some yummy breakfast in the Bedouin tents, which prepared us for a fun and crazy adventure for camel riding! As a camp, we all packed up and got ready to head towards the one and only Masada!! Because of the heat wave, we were unable to hike up Masada. However, we took the cable carts up and down! Whoohoo! When we got up the mountain we were able to see the amazingly beautiful view. Learning the history of Masada and the life that the Jews lived there was also pretty amazing. As a group we all walked to different sections of Masada. In those sections were different advisors who prepared a little historical performance for the whole camp. This made it a lot more exciting to learn about the history! Afterwards, we got back on to the buses and headed towards the Dead Sea! All the girls were super psyched to go into the famous salty water! Girls cooled down in the water just a bit and even smeared some mud on their faces to smoothen their skin! 

To top off everything else, we then went to a Mayaan- a spring of water. We all got in the water and splashed around. This was even more refreshing because it was normal non slaty water. The camp was able to splash and just have a good time! We played some water frisbee and just hung out with our friends! It was an awesome way to handle to 114 degree weather! Once we all dried off we headed back towards Mevaseret! Home,  sweet home! When we got back we ate dinner and had a night activity. Night activity was planning and discussing different games to make for our annual GIVE- Sterot carnival (on Thursday). We are looking forward to it!