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About The Trip

Day 4: Shabbos & Motzei Shabbos!!

give July 11, 2015

Shavuah Tov!! Shabbos in Tzfat this weekend was truly one like no other!!! The whole GIVE family looking their finest for the holy Shabbos kodesh, as we went outside to sing kabalat Shabbos  the sun was slowly setting. The view of the Tzfat mountains and sunset was the perfect way to bring in Shabbos. Later that night we had a rocking tisch with snacks, singing, and shtick! On Shabbos day we had chaburot discussing what Shabbos means to us and why “unplugging” on Shabbos is beautiful! Later in the day, the GIVE girls had time to relax and hangout with all their new and old friends. We then went on a walking tour in the Old City of Tzfat! We learnt about the history of it and visited one of the Shuls that has been there for 600 years! Next, the group walked to a park in Tzfat and sat on the floor in a circle as we ebbed Shabbos away. As we sang slow and inspirational songs, we again watched the beautiful sunset behind the Tzfat mountains. Once Shabbos ended we walked down into a dark cave on the bottom of the park. As we entered singing, there were little candles lit around us. The echo of our voices singing in the cave gave each and everyone of us the chills. It was extremely moving and uplifting. The whole GIVE family really felt united. Rabbi Nissel then came as a guest to make havdalah and speak to the group. It was such a treat! 

The night ended with us going BOWLING!!! We had a blast! We bowled, danced our hearts out, and had a Melava Malka! What a weekend!! We are looking forward to an even better week to come!!