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About The Trip

Day 5: Rosh Hanikra & Repelling

give July 12, 2015

Written by GIVEr: Liat Levkovich 

     Today was a crazy day on Give! The fun began with our packed suitcases and happy faces, early in the morning. We took advantage of the davening our last day in Tzfat, looking over the beautiful scenery. Then we had breakfast and had our first actual chabura, a learning group with an advisor, studying about middot and bonding with a small group of girls.
       We were on our way to tour Rosh Hanikrah. We viewed a short movie about this extraordinary place. Many photos were snapped and Hashem’s wonders and beauty was so evident there. Afterwards we had an unique lunch of pizza with various toppings and it was an “all you could eat buffet.” This surely filled our stomachs for the unexpected endless trip to a mountain in Mikrat Keshet.
     We all walked along a rocky trail until we were welcomed by the rappelling course. Everyone was a little nervous and excited for this adventure, we knew this would be forever remembered. People started putting on helmets and harnesses, and the voices became louder. While everyone was cheering for their friends, they conquered their fear of heights. But that wasn’t all. We did not expect our trek back to be so difficult. We carefully glided, supported each other, and saw beautiful views of Israel’s north; no picture could possibly capture the precious nature. There was a very steep wall, and we had to hold on to the strong wire. After much conviction and determination, we successfully finished one of the hardest trails Israel has to offer. We then celebrated with delicious ice cream and refreshing water.
     We have finally arrived in Mevaseret, after many hours on the bus becoming closer with our GIVE sisters. We had a gourmet late dinner and are ready to unpack and sleep. We can’t wait for a fun filled day tomorrow, filled with Chessed in the holy city of Jerusalem.