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About The Trip

Day 7: Nefesh Bnefesh, Blind Factory, Leket, & Blind Museum!

give July 14, 2015

The start of our day today on GIVE was truly a unique one. Together, we all woke up at 5:15 to travel to Ben Gurion Airport. 

Why you might ask? We went to greet a Nefesh B’nefesh flight!!! 200 new Olim made Aliyah today and GIVE had the privilege and unique opportunity to support them and greet them! As each bus arrived, filled with olim, we all sang and cheered for them! We congratulated the olim alongside other summer programs and citizens of Israel! As we sang together B’yachad, you could look around and see people smiling, dancing, and even crying tears of joy. The smiles on the faces of the new olim were like no other. You could just feel the simcha, passion, and love in the area! Although we didn’t know the new olim personally we all still felt a sense of pride towards them and accomplishment. God willing one day we will all get to join them!
Bus 1 : We then made our way to Leket! We packed over 250 boxes of clothing in under two hours to send to poor families!! All the girls showed intense and great team work! It was great! After lunch and having chanurot in Ra’anana, we went to the blind museum.
The blind museum allows for people to feel what it’s like to be blind while in the museum. It’s dark and you need to use your other senses to get around the museum.
We learned that we can never judge another person and we need to be grateful that our bodies work! It’s a gift we take for granted!
We all had a fabulous day on GIVE! It was filled with inspiration, Chessed, and fun!
It just keeps on getting better and better everyday!
Bus 2: We then traveled to the blind factory. The blind factory is a factory where the blind, deaf, and mute work. They put labels on products, organize different metals and tools, and seal products. We all sat down at one of the stations and began to work side by side with the disabled adult. It was extremely fascinating to see how they can work. The blind was able to work 100% sufficiently, despite his/her lack of sight. Seeing this allowed for us to appreciate what we have and to realize we can do anything if we try hard enough. Girls started to communicate with the adults who were blind, deaf, and mute by writing a Hebrew word into his/her palm. There is always a way to communicate with someone to get to know them! It was very special to experience something so different then what we are all use to. We then split up and half the bus went to help organize a library and sort the books, while the other group went to a facility that helps abused women and their children. The building was stunning! We played, did arts and crafts, and just hung out with the kids! They were adorable! It was so moving to see the time and dedication these people give the abused victims just so that they can live more comfortable lives!