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About The Trip

Day 9: (Bus 2) Pantry Packers, Old Age Home, Chames Israel, & Blind Museum

give July 16, 2015


We started our day off by going to a place called “Pantry Packers”! It’s an organization that packs rice and spilt peas for people who are in need of food. We started off by watching a video of the organization and why it’s important that we came. We then got our hair nets and aprons on! We were ready to begin! There were a few stations. Some of us had to fill up the machines with rice, put stickers on the bags, and even seal the plastic bags! We had a lot of fun! Then we made our way to an old age home called Melabev. We sang, danced, played the bongo, and had conversations with the elderly. They all sang along with us and had the biggest smiles. They appreciated it so much that they came and told us “kol hakavod!!” It was such a good feeling!
We met up with Bus 1 for lunch and Chaburot in the park, Gan Sacher!
Later that day, we went to hangout with the kids of Chames Israel. Chames Israel is a school for special needs children. They were all so cute! We played freeze dance with them, limbo, and just danced and had fun! The simple act of dancing, singing, and a smile goes a very long way! Last but not least, we went to the blind museum!! It was such a cool experience! We were able to be put in the shoes of a blind person. We went through the exhibit and could not see a thing! There were different scenarios we walked through. We had to feel around and hear the sounds around us to try and recognize where we are. We then got the opportunity to ask our tour guide questions about her/him being blind.
What a jam packed day on GIVE! And as always we are looking forward to tomorrow!