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Day 9: (Bus 1)Ohr Meir Ubracha, Beit Shel Susane, & One Family

give July 16, 2015

Written by GIVEr: Meira Greenland

Hi everyone!! ? My name is Meira Greenland, from Chicago-represent ? Let me tell you about our amazing day on GIVE. How fortunate are we, to all be together here in This Holy land?? Baruch HaShem for this experience!!
Bus 1 had a jam packed day filled with chessed, which means it was awesommmme! We first went to Or Meir U’VBracha, where we packed boxes of fruit and challah to send to families who can’t afford it. I am blessed with amazing parents who always taught me that giving is better than receiving, so this felt really good. I felt so good to know that we are helping people tremendously and even though we did not know where these boxes were going, it was so special and even, maybe, better than knowing. We met an amazing lady there named Leora, who despite her busy life, takes time to do so much chessed for terror victims and helps them in so many ways. Israel is filled with so many amazing people like Leora, it’s such a pleasure to be here. We ended off this experience with a bracha from Leora’s mother, which was super special and holy. What an honor to be in her presence. Such a Tzadaket. After this we went to a park for Chaburot and a delicious lunch. Thank you HaShem for food.  After this we went to Beit Susan, which is a place that takes kids that are on the streets and teaches them art skills and allows them to create and sell their creations to get back on their feet. It gives them a family and people to talk to about their situations and how to get help. How cool is that?? We decorated “Chamsas” and then had a chance to buy some of the kids’ art, if we wanted to. That was really a beautiful place, and really fun too! After this we had free time at a mall in Jerusalem, and had time to do some shopping ? We then went to a place called One Family Fund, which helps terror victims of all ages in many different ways. We watched a video of what they do which was truly inspirational and an amazing cause. We actually met a terror victim and she spoke to us a little bit. That was really nice and definitely a great end to Bus One’s day. We cannot wait for tomorrow!! 

Layla tov,
Meira Greenland
P.S hey mommy