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About The Trip

Our Last Shabbos On NCSY GIVE 2015.

give August 9, 2015

Written by GIVEr: Julia Sherman

The last Shabbos on GIVE was definitely very meaningful. On Friday night, we davened Kabalat Shabbat at the kotel. We were all singing and dancing together. Even some strangers joined in the dancing with us. I thought that this was amazing because we were all united as Jews. Towards the end of Shabbos, it finally started to sink in. We wouldn’t all be together next Shabbos. Or the next one. Or the next one. It felt like I’ve known everyone on GIVE for 100 years. We’ve laughed together, cried together, done chessed and toured the holiest country ever for 5 weeks, and now it’s all coming to an end. But after Havdallah, we started to sing “6 more days till Shabbos”. And then it hit me. Even though we won’t be together next Shabbos, we still have the memories and can look forward to next Shabbos. We will always be there for each other. If I ever have a problem, I can always call or text a friend or advisor. We are a family no matter what.