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About The Trip

YOM NCSY: Best. Holiday. Ever.

give July 28, 2015

Written by GIVEr: Chani Israel


Where do I even begin to express how much fun I had at yom NCSY. From the moment we got off the bus, we showed everyone who we are with are ruach (“we r GIVErs”) so everyone would know that the party can start because NCSY GIVE has arrived. We then went to a BBQ where we had yummy Israeli food, and took pictures with our friends, capturing this amazing moment. Once I entered the arena where so many Jewish people came together. I knew this is where I wanted to be, with my NCSY family. All the NCSY programs coming together in unity, having so much compassion towards am yisrael was incredible to see. The NCSY national director introduced Yom NCSY. After the director spoke, our own Erin Stiebel spoke (“Erin Erin Stiebel!”). Additionally, Mrs. Fraenkel, one of the three mothers of the boys who were murdered last summer, spoke to us. She is a true inspiration to  Am Yisroel. Even though she lost her son, she still saw the good out of it. It was amazing to hear her describe how her nation and community came together during this difficult period and how she told us she would never live anywhere else but Israel even with all that she’s been through. When she came off the stage all I could say to her was “thank you, thank you so much.” Then we turned our heads towards the screen that played the videos of all the campers. Then the concert started with everyone singing and dancing. I’ve never sweat so much in my life.  I was dancing and singing with all my friends and making new friends with all the NCSYers. We had so much ruach! Thank you so much to David Cutler and to the whole NCSY staff (especially GIVE) for making this my Best.Summer.Ever