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About The Trip

Day 27: Hashomer Hachadash I

give August 9, 2016

Hi my name is Cyporah Hershman from Monsey, NY! We started off the day in Mevaseret, where we woke up, davened, ate, and learned with chaburah leaders. After that we went to the busses and headed to our destination with Hashomer Hachadash. Before we began our hike we split up into three groups and did some exercises which helped us to become more comfortable with each other. The tour guides then told us that the place where we were standing, was the same place that David fought Goliyat! We all felt very connected to the land and Tanach. We began our hike- and after stopping many times and hiking for very long we got to our destination. A cave. The same cave many famous rabbis and many Jews lived in when they were hiding from Romans. It was mind blowing to see how they lived in caves that were so small that we had to go on our hands and knees to pass through. Some people even had a Kumzitz in the cave!! After the hike and caves we went to the place where we were sleeping. They assigned us rooms, only this time there were not done by requests so we really got the chance to branch out with new girls. Finally, with everyones’ help we cooked our yummy dinner of Shakshuka, Salads, and other things. Once everyone finished eating and cleaning up we had “circle time”, which meant we all sat in a circle and reflected on our day. Last but definitely not least we made a bonfire and everyone sat around and sang songs. Songs turned into stories which were told by the Campers and overall it was an amazing and quite introspective day!!!