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About The Trip

Day 13: Picking, Planting, & Painting

give July 26, 2016
Hi I’m Ruchama Borg!!! Today was our first day on the kibbutz alumim, and it was a day packed to the brim with activities. Our morning was pretty normal, with davening and breakfast like usual, but then we had something a little different. The night before we had chosen electives to do for the next day, the four to choose from were planting, painting, onion picking, and education. I put painting as my first choice, so I got to help paint the walls by a small playground for the kids. Some girls did some gardening around the kibbutz and others got to play with the kids here. The people who chose to do onion picking actually went about a mile away to pick the onions with bedouins.
The painting was an extremely hard task for me and it left me very tired, and all the other girls were pretty wiped too, so right afterward we had a break time. Later that afternoon we split into groups according to our colors and we had a round Robin of activities. There were two presentations about kibbutz alumim, and then there was a scavenger hunt that was modeled after The Amazing Race. The most anticipated event of the day though was swimming! It was awesome and there was a Zumba instructor there who taught us some sweet moves. To top off our awesome day at the kibbutz, we had an epic lip syncing battle, with each family sending up girls to represent them, and each one was awesome and so much fun to watch. It was our only full day on the kibbutz but it was an amazing day, and it was an amazing day 13 on GIVE.