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About The Trip

Day 15: Masada, Dead Sea, & Ein Gedi

give July 28, 2016

We had an amazingly fun day today on GIVE! First we woke up early and went to Masada. There we learnt about the different stories and historical events that took place there. Even though we took cable cars both ways up and down, we still managed to drink a lot of water (as per our staff’s persistence). We then went to the Dead Sea and had a great time chilling there. Afterwards, we had lunch and went to Ein Gedi. We played in the springs and water pools, and it was an amazing cool-down for all of us!! Finally we set out to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to get picked up for our off Shabbos! We’re all meeting back together on Sunday morning! Wishing everyone a safe and exciting weekend!!! We miss you all already!