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About The Trip

Day 18: Susan’s House & Assorted Chesseds

give July 31, 2016

Today was really a chessed filled day on GIVE! We started the morning off very excited to see each other after a restful and fun off weekend. We were divided into a number of different groups throughout the day. Everyone went to a place called “Habayit Shel Susan.” This place teaches Israeli teens at risk an artistic trade and offers them a therapeutic and worthwhile job to engage in. There we made key chains and got to interact with some of the teens. Over the course of the day some people went to package food, others went to Shekel, a factory that employs adults with special needs. Other groups went to a place called Akim that is a home for people with special needs, others went to actually bake with those people. Some groups also got to go to Mamilla Mall and play a really fun scavenger hunt!! We all came together for a delicious dinner at Mevasseret sponsored by Lander College! We then had time to relax, learn with an advisor, attend a chaburah, or play basketball. Tomorrow we set out to our respective electives!!!