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About The Trip

Day 19: Elective Week- Chessed

give August 2, 2016

Hi my name is Ahuva Kreuser I’m from Brooklyn New York, yesterday was the first elective day we woke up in mevaseret, ate a delicious breakfast, and headed on an exciting 3 hour journey to tzfat. Once we got there the roads were closed where the buses could fit , so we took all of our luggage and walked through tzfat through the gates of moshiach up all those stairs and we finally made it to a delicious lunch! After lunch they told us our schedule for the next three days, they told us our sleeping assignments and then we had time to settle and rest for an hour. After resting time we had a tu b’shvat seder where we learned about the Shivat haminim thoroughly and made tu b’shmores with crackers and dates. They were amazing!! Following that a woman from tzfat taught us the meaning of hafrashos challah, and then we baked challa in a five hundred year old oven. After that we went back to where we were staying and the girls who were assigned to make dinner cooked dinner. Then we all sat down together ate the spectacular dinner as a GIVE chessed family. For the night activity we went to an echo cave and had a very heart warming kumzitz. Everyone sang with all their kavanah, which is something the Chessed elective family will always remember! Day 2 blog is coming up soon!!!