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About The Trip

Day 26: Carnivals & Basketball Games

give August 8, 2016

Today on GIVE we started off the day making an awesome carnival for kids from Sderot. Each girl participated in running a booth. The activities ranged from balloon shaving to sponge tossing to the classic Coke and Pepsi game. The children loved it! After that we went to Maaleh, an Israeli film school, and watched some of their original films. Then we had tour of Ammunition Hill and learnt about the history of the Six Day War. Finally, we headed to Beit Shemesh for our long awaited night with Michlelet!!!! We had dinner all together and then Mrs. Yudin, the director of Michlelet, spoke to all of us and gave a beautiful shiur! We then played a really fun and crazy basketball game and enjoyed all the cheering and bonding!!! Tomorrow we head off on a 3 day trip to Hashomer Hachadash in the Galilee! Looking forward!!!