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About The Trip

Day 28: Hashomer Hachadash II

give August 10, 2016

Hi my name is Meira Axelrod! Today was our second awesome day at Hashomer Hachadash! We woke up early in the morning, at 7:00. After davening we split up into our groups from the day and had circle time. We ate cookies and drank tea as we spoke about what makes a strong relationship in life. We then ate breakfast and loaded the busses to go to יער נס הרים to help clean up the land of Israel. After a lot of hard strenuous yet fun work, we took a step back and saw how much we accomplished there. It was pretty amazing! We then went up the mountain in order to hike down while we learned more about ourselves. When we returned to Hashomer Hachadash we ate a delicious dinner. Our night activity consisted of us being split up into different teams to dress one person up as a stereo-type. When we regrouped, we spoke about the way we perceive others and how others perceive us. It was a good time to think about the affects of modesty. I am so happy we were able to spend the day discovering ourselves while connecting to the land of Israel!!