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About The Trip

Day 29: Hashomer Hachadash III

give August 11, 2016

Today was our 3rd and final day working with Hashomer Hachadash! After davening in the morning we had circle time with our guide from the program. Different groups played different introspective and team building focused games. Then we packed up and went to help build terraces around different trees that are under the JNF. We worked very hard to dig out the rocks that were deeply imbedded in the soil, and tried to create a healthier agricultural space. While we did this, we had a really fun time listening and singing to all of our awesome akapella music. We then had an Israeli style lunch and headed off to a different location to have more circle time games. After that we had a cute Israeli March and had a goodbye ceremony. We even got super cool T-shirts!!! We finally came back to Mevaseret and had some time to chill and unpack. After dinner representatives from the jewelry store Hodaya came to take some orders. Later Rabbi Felberman came to give an awesome mishmar (learning session) and it was filled with a lot of thought provoking ideas and concepts! Tonight is our last night on the Mevaseret campus as we head off to our final destination- Jerusalem!