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About The Trip

Day 34: Here Comes Goodbye

give August 16, 2016

Our last morning on GIVE 2016 started off like any other. We davened and ate breakfast, and then we had our final chaburah with our moms. We packed out of our hotel and went to an awesome old age home and had so much fun dancing with the elderly people! We then went to Mamilla mall and broke out our super fun flash mobbb and had some time to chill and shop with our friends. After Mamilla, we headed to the OU center to have our final banquet. We started off watching a recap of the summer (parents stay tuned for the link). We then heard from some of our amazing fellow GIVErs and advisors! We cried, laugh, and sang our hearts out. After we received individual sefarim from each of our advisors, we left Jerusalem and headed to Tel Aviv. We’re in the airport now boarding the airplane. NCSY GIVE 2016 is signing out. Thank you to everyone who contributed in making this summer truly life changing and empowering. This summer will forever remain etched in our hearts.