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About The Trip

Day 5: iJump for Hallel, Yad Lkashish, and Aleh

give July 18, 2016

Hi! I’m Malkie Frank, and I am from Chicago, Illinois. Today we had a pretty chill, but yet another super exciting day! We woke up bright and early and went to daven, then we ate a yummy breakfast, and had an awesome chabura! Then we boarded the buses, half the camp did one thing and the other half is going to do it tomorrow and vice versa. Bus 1 left and went to Yad Lkashish, which is a place that arranges that when elderly immigrants come to Israel they work at Yad Lkashish and make beautiful items that are sold in their gift shop. The immigrants make so many different beautiful things, in one of the workshops they used  paper mache to make things like beads and stones. There were also metal, silk, ceramic, knitting, crochet, and other workshops. Everything was so beautiful! Then we had hamburgers for lunch, and after that we went to Machla Mall and we went shopping! Then we went to Aleh which is a place for people with severe special needs. While some of us were quite nervous in the beginning, we danced with them and had a really amazing time! Right after Aleh we davened mincha and had a super Israeli falafel dinner. Then we drove to iJump and met up with the other half of the camp. There we met girls who were in Hallel Yaffe Ariel’s dance group, and we had a great time making a poster and jumping at iJump with them! A lot us exchanged numbers and contact information! It was so amazing to just have a great time with those girls after everything difficult they’ve been through lately. Today was such a great day!!