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About The Trip

Day 8: YOM NCSY, Har Hertzl, & One Family

give July 21, 2016

Today we had such an incredible day on GIVE! We started off the day with a meaningful visit to Har Hertzl and a beautiful activity at One Family Fund. We got to bake make the bracha of Challah with a woman whose son was killed in an act of terror. It was incredible to hear her strength and positivity despite her pain. After that we got ready for an incredible night of YOM NCSY!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH happened tonight that it’s hard to list it all but the activities included a delicious BBQ, amazing concert by Benny Friedman and Shlomo Katz, motivational speeches by Naftali Bennett and Miriam Peretz (among others), and our very own Hachnasat Sefer Torah!!!!!! The night was filled with a lot of screaming, hugging, and sweating. We had the BEST.TIME.EVER!!!!!