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About The Trip


givebus2 July 18, 2019

Hi all, my name is Raizel Littwin and I live in Teaneck NJ. Today we had an incredible day!! The first thing we did in the morning was we went to פינה חמה where we first prepared and then served soldiers hamburgers. It was so fun to interact with the soldiers and thank them for their service by serving them lunch. Next we went to קבר רחל on the way we learnt all about why רחל is buried there and not with the rest of the avot and imahot which prepared us for an inspirational מנחה there and (some very good cookies). After that we went back to the base and got prepared for the most incredible night. Yom NCSY. It was amazing and the energy was contagious. I Can’t wait to take all the energy that we had all the way to the north when we go to צפת for the weekend (all are welcome to join, that means you mommy and daddy)!