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About The Trip

Muffin making, Pretzel baking, and More!

givebus2 July 14, 2019

Hi, my name is Nili Kushner and I live in West Hempstead, New York. Today, us GIVErs had a jam packed day full of chessed!! Our first stop was Gush Etzion where we enjoyed watching a cool light show which led us through multiple rooms, finally ending in an actual bunker where some pioneers of the kibutz gave up their lives. Next stop was the bread factory, פתבמלך, where we learned about the agriculture of the land and enjoyed making some hot pretzels. Next was a much needed stop at the mall to pick up necessities and also enjoy some free iced coffee sponsored by NCSY Rabbi Wielgus. Finally, we brought the muffins we baked in the morning to פינהחמה, where IDF soldiers come for fresh food and rest. After many selfies, and fun conversations with all the soldiers, we headed back onto the bus to our base in Yerushlayim. It may only be day 4, but I’m having a blast on GIVE already and I can’t wait for the rest of the summer!!